Kiwis ahead of us in FOSS?

First they started beating us in the footy and cricket, but now they’re moving ahead of us in free software too?

Negotiations between the New Zealand Government and Microsoft over subscription costs failed this year, and as a result has given FOSS a bit of a shove in the back.

Now the Open Source Society there is doing something positive – helping the public sector adopt free software by showing how it fulfills their needs. This is a great idea and should be encouraged.

The Public Sector Remix project aims to help public agencies reduce the cost of desktop computing. The project will deploy free open source software for nominated staff to use for common business tasks and evaluate the results.

Go Kiwis, go!

2 thoughts on “Kiwis ahead of us in FOSS?

  1. Hey Francois,
    I would love to but unfortunately I cannot make LCA next year. Work won’t pitch in because it’s “overseas”.. 🙁


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