Hey Internode, when are you offering mobile phones?

I love Internode and finally have Naked ADSL2+, yay. My mobile phone is with Three however, and they have been bought by Vodafone. I strongly dislike Vodafone and want to switch.

Thinking about switching, I wish I could go with Internode.. So how about it Simon? You’ve got 3G wireless now so it can’t be that hard, right? Hell, I don’t care if you piggyback off Optus and charge more for it.


4 thoughts on “Hey Internode, when are you offering mobile phones?

  1. Simon Rumble

    They’re not as slick as Internode, but Exetel (a Voda reseller) have very good plans, including data starting at 7c/megabyte which is perfect for phones and the occasional tether. It’s also the Vodafone network which, unlike Optus, is still very good for data — I find the experience similar to home broadband.

  2. Chris Post author

    Yep, that’s where I’m headed to if there’s no other choice.. another 2 months or so and my phone will be able to be unlocked from Three so that I can move wherever I want. I doubt that Internode will have anything out by then, but I’m hoping they will 🙂

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