Groups are yum

Just discovered how I can install grouped packages in Fedora using Yum.

First, you can list the groups which are available in your repositories with:
yum grouplist

This will contact the online repositories to retrieve the lists and dump it to your terminal.

I wanted to install KDE 4.3.x (yes, Fedora has updated to the latest version from 4.2.x, which was impressive) so to do this I ran:
yum grouplist |grep -i kde

This returned two results, the desktop itself and a development group for KDE. Naturally I want the first one, so I then installed KDE via:
yum groupinstall "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"

It’s quite a nice easy way to install groups of packages, rather than figuring them all out individually.

I’m sure this will create some issues but presumably I can remove the group with:
yum groupremove "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"

Indeed, running this wants to remove only 65 of the just installed 127 packages.. d’oh.

Running the same command with –remove-leaves now wants to remove 143 packages. I still don’t get removing packages with Yum. Nevertheless, group install is handy.

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