Weirdest hard drive capacity ever

Today at the computer fair I saw the most bizarre drive ever – a Western Digital 808.8GB drive. Seem strange?

I immediately thought it must be for Chinese people, with the number of eights in the size. Ironically, the supplier’s ex-GST buy price was $88!

So that’s an $88 0.8088TB drive.. how awesome is that?! Well, if you believe in that sort of thing I guess.

Turns out, my suspicions were correct! It’s a drive specifically marketed in China as a lucky drive 🙂

Either that, or it’s a dodgy bootleg WD drive. I searched Western Digital’s global website and couldn’t find reference to that particular model, by searching the China website did reveal it as a legit product. Phew.. I guess I don’t have to worry about the new Black WD drives I bought from the same shop!

Although it’s only meant to be sold in China, you can buy it from the markets or from TechBuy.

If you know about Chinese superstition, what’s the bet we’ll never see a 404.4GB drive?!


2 thoughts on “Weirdest hard drive capacity ever

  1. Chris

    Yeah, I think that it’s actually a 1TB drive so it would be interesting to see if you could re-flash it with the firmware from the 1TB offering and get your full space.

    Then again the price difference is probably so little it wouldn’t be worth it 😉 Actually they probably charge more for the 808.8 Gb drive 🙂

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