Killer KDE Kombo Komplete?

Yeeees.. finally one missing piece of the puzzle to make KDE 4.x a really killer desktop environment is almost complete, KOffice 2.0. It is scheduled for release 27th May (tomorrow where I live).

Years ago I realised that most of the applications I used were GTK based and so made the switch to GNOME. Now that KDE 4.x is really, really good, it’s time for me to switch back for a while.

While I really like, I want something more lightweight and KDE-centric. In my opinion, KOffice has been lagging behind for some time (and in many respects, still does), but in a GNOME world I just didn’t need it. Really, all I do need is just a nice little office program to create my data in valid ODF.

Now, with the release of KDE 4.3 just around the corner, it looks to me as though the KDE-only world is almost complete.

So, along with Koffice, we will soon have some other previously missing pieces such as Amarok 2 for music, K3b for burning and Kdenlive for video editing.

Now if only Konqueror was good enough to replace Firefox..

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  • Hi,

    Try arora browser, it is a KDE/QT app with Webkit engine. Even though it is still in dev, it is quite usable (and surprisingly stable). Runs flash too!

  • Thanks! I’ll give that a try 🙂


  • Hi, please note that KOffice 2.0 will be released as “platform release”, meaning that it is not suitable yet for everyday use (like KDE 4.0)

    It is a preview about the potentials of KOffice 2 series, as well as gaining more developers.

  • Ahh… I see. Thanks for letting me know. So will 1.6 remain the “stable” (read usable) version then, ala KDE 3.5?


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