Killer KDE Kombo Komplete?

Yeeees.. finally one missing piece of the puzzle to make KDE 4.x a really killer desktop environment is almost complete, KOffice 2.0. It is scheduled for release 27th May (tomorrow where I live).

Years ago I realised that most of the applications I used were GTK based and so made the switch to GNOME. Now that KDE 4.x is really, really good, it’s time for me to switch back for a while.

While I really like, I want something more lightweight and KDE-centric. In my opinion, KOffice has been lagging behind for some time (and in many respects, still does), but in a GNOME world I just didn’t need it. Really, all I do need is just a nice little office program to create my data in valid ODF.

Now, with the release of KDE 4.3 just around the corner, it looks to me as though the KDE-only world is almost complete.

So, along with Koffice, we will soon have some other previously missing pieces such as Amarok 2 for music, K3b for burning and Kdenlive for video editing.

Now if only Konqueror was good enough to replace Firefox..

4 thoughts on “Killer KDE Kombo Komplete?

  1. Hi,

    Try arora browser, it is a KDE/QT app with Webkit engine. Even though it is still in dev, it is quite usable (and surprisingly stable). Runs flash too!

  2. Hi, please note that KOffice 2.0 will be released as “platform release”, meaning that it is not suitable yet for everyday use (like KDE 4.0)

    It is a preview about the potentials of KOffice 2 series, as well as gaining more developers.

  3. Ahh… I see. Thanks for letting me know. So will 1.6 remain the “stable” (read usable) version then, ala KDE 3.5?


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