A non-techie friend switches to Linux

A friend at work bought a new laptop with Vista and he said he wanted to dualboot with Linux, even though he’d never even seen it before! Naturally I was more than happy to help. I set him up with Ubuntu (GNOME desktop) and showed him the basics, then leaving him to his own devices.

A few weeks later I asked him how it was all going, here was his reply:

The machine is chugging along well. I wish you had never introduced me to Linux though, Windows is so slow compared to Linux. I had to do some stuff for Mum last night for her work and getting Windows up and running, logging into Office and setting that up was about 40mins of work, just ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “A non-techie friend switches to Linux

  1. my non tek friend set up a duel boot… all good… then did a dist upgrade and now cant boot in to 9.04, im guessing its ATI drivers but im in syd and his in melbs so cant get my hands on it to fix.
    My mum is on linux and its great, set up an ssh account and dyndns for my own off site backups… her PC is now like the family album 🙂

  2. The ATI drivers are so horrible. If his machine does actually boot, he could choose recovery mode at GRUB and then at the maintenance menu choose “re-configure graphics” (or whatever it is). That might help him re-configure X using the radeon driver. Just a thought 🙂


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