Truly happy Linux people couldn’t care less about Microsoft whatsoever. Instead, they just get down to business and make things work. Whether it’s for desktop, laptop, media center use or what-have-you, instead of bickering about Microsoft they’re getting things done, which of course is what matters the most…You can find happy Linux users that say nothing of Microsoft because it simply doesn’t matter.

I agree.

I think some of us are too busy trying to convert the world and unless we scream and shout about how bad Microsoft is, we feel we can’t change anything. But we can, just by doing what we do. You can still talk to people about Free Software, still compare it to Microsoft, but it’s the childish antics that no-one appreciates.

3 thoughts on “Ditto

  1. Yes but some of us are sadly forced to use Windows at work, and the contrast is truly infuriating. Take a big, grunty, high-spec machine and run incredibly tedious virus scanning software to slow it down to the speed of a computer ten years ago. Then you go home and your modestly-speced home Linux box screams along in comparison.

    So forgive us for venting a little, eh?

  2. Sure.. I mean, I’m as bad as everyone else 😉 I guess this is something that I more ‘aspire toward’. Feel free to complain about your Windows crappy box, but the guy’s article is more about childish antics, like:

    “YEAH! I use Linux! F**k Micro$oft! You people are sheeple!”

    Anyhow, believe me, I feel your pain..

  3. This is interesting, because the opposite of love is not hate.


    Hate is love with a minus sign. Negative love.

    The opposite of love is disinterest. In concluding that BSOD authorship is unimportant, these supporters have graduated beyond hate. Hurrah!

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