Monthly Archive for February, 2009

“Why are we waiting? Slowly dehydrating..”

Even the U.K. is strengthening their position on open source in the Public sector. Common Rudd, get with the program!


On your marks, get set..

The LinuxFormat Magazine guys over at TuxRadar have released their 130 page Linux Starter Pack on making the move to Linux as a free PDF download.

New to the wonderful world of Linux? Looking for an easy way to get started? Download our complete 130-page guide and get to grips with the OS in hours rather than weeks or months. We show you how to install Linux onto your PC, navigate around the desktop, master the most popular Linux programs and fix any problems that may arise.

I’ve wanted to put something like that together for ages, but never found the time. I think it’s great that this has been released for free, and should compliment the also free Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference nicely.


Hopefully not lost in translation

Just came across a Brazilian Portuguese translation of the interview I did with Linus at LCA for DistroWatch. Awesome 🙂

She’s a shocker :-)

Anyone who knows Mendy knows that she loves food. This was an exchange on Jabber the other day..

mendy: I just had a super yummy lunch!

me: cool, what was it?

mendy: I didn’t use soya sauce for stir fried. I used
lemon juice instead
I opened the salmon with salt and pepper
Boc-choy and bean spout

me: yum

mendy: and spring onion, and Thai basil
and noodles
so yummy…
and I’m so full!
I only have one teaspoon each of the seeds
and I will have the rest later
hahahha, my tummy is so happy, I going to wash dishes now, ttyl

I’m gonna feel that tomorrow..

I just got home from my first game of hockey in like 5 years, and boy am I feeling it! My legs hurt, my lower back hurts (it’s a long way to bend down). My brain is set to run with the ball, but my legs just can’t keep up. I may hobble (slowly) into work tomorrow. Mendy came along and she wore my LCA 2007 hat (which actually fits her).

I did set up a goal and saved one on a short corner, so it wasn’t all bad 🙂