Tantalising tidbits

A few things I have to blog about before I forget..

IBM has released the Lotus Symphony office suite for OS X (version 10.5 only).
If you love Ubuntu, check out the Ubuntu Pocket Guide which is now free to download.
Lastly, KDE 4.2 has just been released and while I’ve been saying “This time for sure” repeatedly since 4.0, this time I think it really is “for sure”.

I installed it and I was very impressed. It no longer feels like beta software, which is nice! Unfortunately some important things are still missing (please correct me if I’m wrong!), namely:
NetworkManager support (though there is a plasmoid on the way)
Bluetooth userspace tools
Amarok 2.x
K3B Qt4

I did build K3B from source and it looks and works quite well, though the port is not finished yet.
If you like KDE but are sticking to 3.5.x and don’t need NetworkManager support (whatever did we do in the old days?) then check it out.


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