Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Getting Wine’s pulse

Been playing with the latest openSUSE release, 11.1, and as I’m on holidays thought I’d try and get CIV4 working.

It appears to work fine, except for sound which errors complaining about an alsa pcm-pulse library issue. This is installed on the openSUSE system, but Wine needs the 32bit library. Installing this solved the problem:

sudo zypper in alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit


ODF for that other office suite

Sun has released version 1.2 of their ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office. It allows users stuck with that office suite to import and export data in open document format and is free for both individual and commercial use.

Letter to the editor

Well this week I created my very first DistroWatch Weekly as the new editor of the popular newsletter.

While some readers complained that Ubuntu is getting too much coverage, I think that overall most enjoyed the newsletter.

I’m looking forward to compiling the DWW for next week’s release!